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Products We Admire, 9th Edition

July 22, 2008

Logitech 2.4 GHz Cordless Presenter

Our folks are fans of Logitech’s new cordless presenter. The device’s body is covered in soft-feel plastic, accented by slick black and silver controls. The device has a built-in laser pointer, controls for switching to a blank screen and moving forward and backward in a PowerPoint presentation, a volume control, and a timer. All these functions might overwhelm a nervous presenter, but you don’t have to use them. Overall, the product’s shape is excellent, the controls are accessible, and its fun to play with the L-A-S-E-R. Amazon currently offers it for just under $60, making it substantially more expensive than other models. But, frequent presenters who like nice toys will find the extra cost worth it. See the Cordless Presenter for more details.

Flour Bakery + Café (Boston, MA)

Sometimes you see a company logo that puts a smile on your face. Flour Bakery + Café’s logo is one of them. We admire how simply and attractively the part text, part graphic logo communicates the company’s message. Joanne Chang, the company’s pastry chef and owner, received her degree in Applied Mathematics and Economics from Harvard College before turning to cooking. It seems she appreciates the economics of investment in good graphic design to match excellent baked goods. You can see the logo in action at Note: The banana bread tastes as good as the logo looks.

Ecco Shoes

We are extremely comfortable in our Ecco shoes as well as navigating the Ecco website. Sure, Ecco ought to be able to produce good shoes and an equally good website considering what they charge. But, some of our staff live in their casual Eccos, including the venerable Track II Low that clearly reflects a “form follows function” aesthetic and the more dainty-looking Bouillon Maryjane. We find that we can walk many miles/kilometers in our Eccos without the slightest foot fatigue. That’s a real human factors payback for a modest financial investment. Now, let’s turn to Ecco’s website, which has a somewhat sparse appearance – consistent with a Euro aesthetic – and is easy to navigate. We especially like the magnification feature that allows you to closely inspect the products. Take a closer look here.

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