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Products We Admire, 11th Edition

August 26, 2009

Amazon Kindle II

Kindle II

No surprise that we admire the Kindle II wireless reading device. Whether you take one with a 6 inch or 9.7 inch diagonal screen, you’ll be getting the capacity to store thousands of books at a time and download them quickly – in about a minute or less. The devices’ thin depth and light weight are compelling reasons to take it with you when you travel (e.g., commute to work on a bus or train). We’re impressed that the units not only display book pages with admirable legibility, but also can read a book to you out loud if you wish. We expect than an increasing proportion of people will be reading their morning papers using this and future Kindles now that the technology has crossed over from a novelty to a viable information appliance.

Vicks Pacifier Thermometer

Vicks Pacifier

Sometimes you see a new product that seems so obvious you wonder why nobody thought of it before. That’s our impression of the Vicks Pacifier Thermometer. How smart is it to take an infant’s temperature by getting them to do what they normally want to do – suck on a pacifier? Very smart. The Vicks version, matching the functionality of others on the market, has a pleasing, non-threatening appearance and the usual functions, including last temperature recall. We’ve admired another thermometer developed by the same company (Kaz) in our last commentary.

Brita® Faucet Filtration System with Advanced Features

Brita Water Filter

We’ve read about the incredible amount of energy that goes into packaging and distributing bottle water, making water filtering an environmentally friendly alternative. We like the Brita’s simple and pleasing appearance, how it tells you when it needs a filter change, and the three stream options (spray, stream, or filtered water.) Make ours the chrome on black model.

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